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What should I major/minor in if I decide I want a career in forensic science?

I know I still have time to think about it, but I’ve been wondering this for awhile: I’ve been deciding between doing something in law/criminal justice or forensic science. If I decide to do forensic science, and the school(s) I’m applying to don’t have an option to major in forensic science, should I major in chemistry and minor in criminal justice, do it the other way around, or do a different major and minor? This is just a random question, sorry it’s so lengthy by the way!!

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26 days ago

I think you should find a school that will give you the options you want like then you can either choose one or you can double major. for example, you could either choose law/criminal justice, and if you decide you don't like it later there are still options later to change it would be hard but you could do it. I know what you are going through m a sophomore and I still can't decide what major to go into. I hope this helps, good luck

27 days ago

I took a forensics course in my soph year of high school, and I would say it was a lot of chemistry and/or biomedical science, depending on the specificity of what it is you want to do within forensic science. I'd say chemistry is involved in more things than biology, so your plan seems great! If you want to do forensic science I think a minor in criminal justice is a good idea, but you should be majoring in a science


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