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extracurriculars for future political science major??

howdy! i'm a current high school freshman who wants to go into politics when i'm older and i plan on applying to some pretty prestigious/selective universities. i asked this question a little while ago, but i'm interested to hear about any newer programs and perspectives on what kinds of extracurriculars it takes to get into a lot of these schools and how to develop a politics/activism centered application spike. for reference i'm currently involved in debate team, jv soccer, and i intern part-time at a small political campaign firm. i hope this doesn't come off as pretentious or anything i just genuinely want to know if i'm on-track. suggestions about clubs and organizations to join or start will probably be the most helpful but all advice/comments are much appreciated; thank you! :)


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also i'm not sure how relevant this is but i live in the midwest (us)

@ceciliaparreiras26 days ago

ooo im a sophomore and i have the same exact questions!! can you elaborate on the political campaign firm and what you do there?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@kinseyw25 days ago

@ceciliaparreiras yeah ofc! the firm I work at is called Leading With Our Values (LwOV) and I'm a part-time research intern (unfortunately unpaid :( ) so I work about 5-7 hours a week on various research assignments. If you want an example, I'm currently compiling a chart of banks that have said they want to invest more in black-owned businesses and their government relations directors for something called the 10x Project which aims to increase black wealth in America by 10% in 10 years.

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Model UN and unicef club!


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