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How to get free college merchandise?

How can I get free college merchandise? I want to get t-shirts for the colleges I want to attend. BTW this does follow Community guidelines so don't report me.


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26 days ago

Sometimes you can email colleges and say that you love their school and ask if they can send you any gear for it. Some schools might send t-shirts, but you'll probably get stickers or nothing from most of them. Some schools give out free t-shirts if you tour their campus or go to a special event (ex. Michigan State's Green and White Days), and some send t-shirts to their admitted students as part of their acceptance package or let admitted students request to be sent a free shirt (UMich did that this year). You'll probably have the best luck just buying a shirt from the university bookstore, they usually aren't more than $20 and are often good quality brands like Nike or Champion.


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