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I don't know exactly what major to major in in college so maybe you could help me decide I can't decide I want to either do I love music and want to do something with it but I can not decide between music therapy or going into performing arts. preforming arts is a major that is harder to fulfill later in life but music therapy is more schooling and there's still no guarantee since there's not a lot of jobs for it. I might be wrong I would love your input! it would mean so much to me and help me out. If I'm wrong about either and you have advice please add it in a comment thanks!!!!!

Music therapy
performing arts
other (if so comment what u think please)
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6 months ago

If you love music, maybe you could spread that to others. You could educate people in music. Whether its kindergartens picking up a recorder for the first time, or your high school marching band placing at regionals whom you've known for four years. Neither of those degrees will truly get you somewhere. Maybe, there's always maybe. Maybe is a beautiful thing. However, knowing you could encourage and influence is much more powerful than maybe. Consider becoming a music teacher.

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I thought about that at one point but i didnt know what grade or age range i dint want to do. I really appreciate your feedback and i will defenitly take it into consideration.


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or if you can't choose between either, you can double major. But it will a little tough, you might have to sacrifice personal times, you have more work...you might graduate late, but there is a possibility you can graduate at the time your supposed to; but talk to your advisor

but the benefits are worth it... you get more skills


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