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Types of volunteering?

I want to do some volunteering in my town but have no idea what types to do. I know that the library near me allows for volunteers to work there and that's about it. I also know that a lot of things depend on where I live but what are some general types of volunteering/community service that I could do?


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26 days ago

If you cant find any opportunities in your town, you should try out some virtual/remote volunteering!

Colleges like this because they see you are still active and passionate during COVID.

The website RoundPier has a lot of different virtual volunteering opportunities such as tutoring, managing social medias, writing for journals, and more!

(btw i hope this doesn't break comm guidelines, its just a website that i think will be useful!!)

25 days ago


For in person volunteering, you can try hospitals, libraries, helping seniors ( i volunteered at a memory care place once), animal shelters, non-profit organizations, or homeless shelters.

Virtually, you can try missing maps, Zooniverse, Smithsonian digital volunteering, or maybe even virtual tutoring.

You could even start your own organization if you wanted!

I hope this helped!

26 days ago

See if you can volunteer at your local hospital! My hospital closed teen volunteering for a while during the pandemic but has just recently opened it- worth checking it out. Great experience and looks good on college apps for a medical or STEM focus!

I would also recommend finding something you really like to volunteer for and starting as early as possible since long-term involvement shows dedication and commitment to admission officers. I always wish I had found something and stuck with it earlier!


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