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9 months ago
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What should I major in?

Okay, I've been having trouble deciding what I want to study. Here's some context:

The subjects I've enjoyed the most are biology, marketing, Spanish, and English. I have a pretty strong interest in social issues & the government; history is very interesting to me, especially the culture of others. I love writing and definitely want to keep that with me. I also have an interest in psychology & forensics! I just am not sure if I want to have that as a career.

Please share your thoughts! I have too many interests and don't really know what I want to do when older.

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@ajdekon9 months ago

This might not be very helpful but you could try checking out the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major program offered by the university of Michigan, it seems like it would combine a couple of your interests.

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9 months ago

How about going "undecided". It might be very hard to pick one major or two when there are so many interesting and diverse subjects, so consider going undecided and taking classes that you find interesting.

9 months ago

I don't have any career suggestions, but I do have one general tip: just because you enjoy a specific subject or field doesn't mean it's the right career path for you. Yes, you should be interested in your career but once you're on the career path, your interests become your work instead of just your interests/hobbies. I am by no means saying choose a career path outside of your interests, no. I'm saying that interests don't have to turn into careers. They can, but they don't have to.


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