6 months ago
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After graduating from high school should I prepare and take the SAT or ACT?

I'm an overseas student, currently studying High School my senior year in Mexico, planning to take a gap year after finishing high school to search seriously for scholarships, prepare to take the standardized test (ACT or SAT), between other logistics and required things to apply to a handful of American private colleges for the class of 2026.

It's feasible to prepare for SAT or ACT after graduating from high school in my planned gap year?


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6 months ago

I will be a Freshman in the fall so don't take my answer seriously. If you really want to get into American colleges it's a must to have an SAT or ACT score. Most people start studying in their sophomore year in high school and spend a year preparing and then take the test in their junior year. I think that since you are a senior you will have more knowledge in the subjects than a sophomore so studying during a gap year might really help. Hope this helped and hope you get a good score on whichever test you choose.


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