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When should I ask for recommendation letters?

I'm currently in my senior year, should I ask my prospective recommenders after graduating from high school the recommendation letters or in my senior year of high school? I fear to ask them early because the recommendation letters will be "old" and not updated at the time I submit my application, planning to apply for the class of 2026.


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9 months ago[edited]

I assume you mean you're applying for the class of 2026 (so you would be a freshman in college in 2022); I apologize if I'm wrong. But I recommend asking your teachers ASAP - like, by the end of April. This gives your teachers a heads up and oftentimes they'll have questions for you to answer to ensure they're writing letters of rec that truly reflect you. This also gives them ample time to write a meaningful and good letter of recommendation. I don't recommend asking during the summer or after you graduate because at that point, you're not their student at that time so their memories might be a little fuzzy and teachers deserve their summer break. Your letters of rec won't be "old" or anything.


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