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What is the best way to stand out in the admission process in Harvard?

Extracurriculars? Essays? Academics? Test scores?

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8 months ago

In my opinion, test scores and gpa are just a threshold for college admissions at top colleges. For example, if someone has a 1590 and you have a 1530, that won't make them more likely to be accepted because 1500 is more than enough. Instead of focusing on that, admissions officers will look at your extracurriculars and essays to see what you are like as a person. So my advice is to have a good SAT and grades, but you don't have to overachieve in that area. Instead, focus on building up your extra curriculars and find leadership positions and do community service. Do things that relate to your career path and things you can show your skill in. This is much more beneficial than having a perfect SAT and GPA but having little of other things.


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