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I am trying to decide between schools for Bachelors's in Business

I am trying to decide between the following schools for a Bachelor's degree in Business/Management/Commerce: UC Irvine and Toronto's Rotman School. Any advice? How do they compare?

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8 months ago

I seriously suggest you join Poets and Quants and pay attention to their undergraduate and graduate rankings. They are fairly accurate.


Honestly, I don't think anyone on here can give you an accurate assessment of the plusses and minuses between a Canadian Business program and an American one at a Large Public University system.

By reputation in say a narrow niche like Financial Derivatives and Quantitative Methods, I'd pick the University of Toronto because it has a longstanding reputation of being a top Quant Research think tank run by John Hull, co-author of the Hull and White 2 factor Option Pricing Model. I think your choice should depend on what you want to study.

If you want to work on Wall Street then I might pick UPenn Wharton, Columbia University, NYU, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley.

Hope that helps.


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