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How can I currently uplift my college admission chances?

I am currently a junior and prior to fall semester I was a straight A student. During fall semester I ended with 5 B's and 1 A and worked really hard this semester to bring my grades to 5 As and 1B. Then, my school district decided to move to a pass and fail and now my grades will no longer be on my transcript and will not affect my GPA. Wheat should I do now?

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hmm - i think you're in a really tough position, obviously. i would try contacting your school counselor to see if there's anyway to include that info on your apps, and you could also add it in the extra info section of your app. idk if this helps, but try to remember that everyone's app got screwed bc corona, so colleges will be understanding that there are contingent circumstances preventing your app from looking as good as it could.

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4 years ago

This is a tricky situation and you should definitely talk to your school counselor to see if you can include that on your application just like someone had previously said. Otherwise, there are many other things colleges look for besides grades. Taking the ACT and/or SAT and scoring well on those tests will affect your college admission chances. You should also do extracurricular like service or get a job/internship and that can also boost your college admission chances.

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