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How important are electives?

Hi, I'm currently a sophomore but I've been thinking a lot about college lately. My dream is to go to UMich for a pre-med major (I'm thinking psychology). However, my elective choices do not really show that I have an interest in science. The past two years I've taken choir and I took photography this year. I'm currently signed up for electives in business and philosophy for next year and I'm working on changing them to pltw intro to biomed. I am taking AP chem this year and I am signed up for AP Bio next year and I do volunteering at a doctor's office along with taking part in a research extracurricular. Is it too late to signal to colleges through my coursework that I am interested in medicine? Do colleges really care about your electives? Have I shown enough of an interest in science to get into a competitive university? Also, if anyone has taken a PLTW class, how hard is it?

Sorry for all of the questions! Thank you so much for taking the time to read/respond to my question and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

@Mih8061103 years ago

Wait, how are you volunteering at a doctor's office with the pandemic? I checked a lot of hospitals in my area, and they don't allow anyone to volunteer because of the pandemic.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@peacefulsloth33 years ago

My dad is a doctor and so I volunteer there.

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3 years ago

High school electives are important because they offer you a chance to study new topics while providing colleges with another example of your academic abilities and interests.

Colleges like to see a deep interest in a particular topic, so at least some of your electives should relate to your academic focus (and remember, there are creative ways to do this.)

Also, remember to choose electives you are legitimately interested in because electives are one of the few areas in high school where you can take pretty much any course you want!

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