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Do colleges look at only your 10th/11th overall GPA or your overall GPA?

I heard that some colleges (mostly UCs) only look at your sophomore and junior year GPA/courses? Is this true for all most colleges or just the UCs? I want to get into the UMN-Twin Cities, but I don't know if they will accept me because of my 9th grade GPA. I took all honors classes freshman year, but I only had a 3.71 GPA overall. This year, I doubled in science (both honors) and took honors for math and English, and my GPA is 3.8-8.5, but I don't know if it's good enough. I plan on taking 4 APs next year in 11th grade. Will colleges look at my freshman GPA and be disappointed/reject me? Or do they just look at sophomore/junior year GPA?


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No, not all colleges only look at your 10/11th GPA. UCs are known for that and they have their own method for calculating GPAs but most other colleges definitely see grades from your freshman and senior years too. The fact that you took all honors classes in your freshman year is impressive and your (assuming UWGPA) from that year was 3.71 which isn't too bad considering it's your first year of high school. A 3.8-8.5 UWGPA is definitely noteworthy if you are taking several weighted classes. If you can demonstrate improvement over your high school years and continue in your rigor, you should be on the track towards good universities. I also searched up UMN-Twin Cities since I'm not familiar with it and it shows that they have a 57% acceptance rate. That doesn't seem too difficult but you could use CollegeVine's chancing if you wish to get a rough estimate for what is expected. Also, it's important to push yourself but realize that if you don't do well in your classes, then you're better off reducing the rigor.

7 months ago

As per my knowledge and I remember asking the same question with my counselor, so colleges don't look at your 9th grade gpa, but they will definitely look from 10th grade to the end of high school.


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