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I was wondering what I should major in, and I do want it to be something I love. Communications is my top choice, however, some people have told me that it's not a strong major in order to get into a business or marketing field. Can someone clarify this? thanks!

Also, which major should I think about as a second choice in case communications doesn't work out? please explain too!

buisness economics
political science
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3 years ago

You could always double major or get a minor. One suggestion is to get one major you’re interested in and then a second major that you choose based on employability. You could also minor in communications or minor in a different field. At a certain point, your employers stop caring about your major and start caring about your experience in the workforce etc. so that’s another thing to keep in mind. Hope this helps!


3 years ago

So without knowing you Id rec Bisness Econ as its highly versatile and it has good career prospects. As a huge politics nerd Id be interested in taking Poli Sci classes maybe even a minor bt its not a career. Antropology doesn't have great career prospects and psych while super versatile its in my mind not a degree yo want to get uless you want to become one. Its a great second maor though.

The reason communications may not be the best is A: not great career outcomes I believe the average pay is not great but that may just be my perception. Also its not really growing in obs relative to those who are graduating so its fewer obs for more people. Granted I remember seeing his about 6 months ago but that's what I remember. B: The 'best' communication career (IMO) is being a spokesperson and that's not something that Id recommend as for lack of a better term it is just being a spin doctor and writing speeches. And that's not something Id enoy and likely others therefore they wouldn't recommend it.

Hope this helps!


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Let me tell you about a communications major I know: my mom. My mom got her communications degree around 25 years ago. She worked in retail at first but realized she wanted to grow in her career. She began working in customer success (not the same as customer service. After almost 10 years of hard work, she is now a Director of Customer Success at a major start-up. You can be successful with a communication major if that is what you are passionate about. If you want to get into business, I would recommend business economics.


3 years ago

Hi! First of all, I disagree with what the people have told you because Communications is an extremely versatile major. With communications, you can go into almost any field ranging from Marketing, Public Relations, like the other comment said - Customer Relations - it all depends on your passion for it, and how much you are willing to dedicate yourself to it.

I would suggest going against Anthropology because jobs in the field are going into a decline steadily, and unless you are really passionate and good at it, I wouldn't suggest that.

Psychology is actually a really good major because more and more therapists will be needed around the world after everything that has happened in the past 2 years (Pandemic (and losses suffered), Protests, Attacks etc).

Political science is very good as well, but it isn't as versatile as communications - because, with communications, you can actually go into political science.

Finally, Business Economics is also really good because it is not in decline at all, quite the opposite actually, it is increasing because economies of countries, and business' have really suffered the passed couple of years, so getting a job in this industry wouldn't be too difficult. It will be competitive, but not impossible.

So there is not one way to choose out of all the majors because they all have their own benefits individually, but I say definitely stick to communciations!

(I may have a bias because it's what I'm studying as well :) )

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thankyou! i'm thinking of putting business economics as my main major when entering the application, and as the year starts, I'll see if I want to either double major in communications or not :) (Plus I have a lot of time left since I have a few years left till college but I already know what I want to do so 😂) I'm also thinking of getting an internship in my junior or senior year of highschool that relates to marketing/buisness economics to see if I like it :)


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