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What extracurriculars would be good for a shy person interested in politics?

I'm a sophomore and I recently realized I severely need to start doing more extracurriculars. Currently, all I pretty much have is participation in four clubs (newspaper, FBLA, MSA, and Scholastic Bowl). I did not compete for FBLA last year but this year I have made it to state. Next year, I will be one of the officers for my school's MSA, I hope to be a teacher assistant at my mosque's weekend school, and I'm thinking of joining my school's speech team (though I'm very, very shy) and maybe our school's Youth and Government club. I plan to join NHS in junior year and I applied for Spanish NHS but they haven't decided on members yet. I want to go into politics and I am going to apply for an internship for Solomon Rajput's Congress campaign. The thing is, I have social anxiety so I'm super nervous about joining/doing new things. I was thinking of starting a blog (anonymously first, maybe) about me getting over my fears as I join these things, would that be a good idea? What other activities could I do? Are there things I could do online as well so it's not as daunting socially? And I was also thinking I should do some community service hours and I kind of want to do a lot at Bernie's Book Bank, is it bad if I do mostly at one place? Also how do people count their hours? When they say they have 100+ hours, how do they record it? Do they count it themselves or do they log it somewhere?? If they do it themselves how do colleges know they aren't just lying??? Thanks! I don't have the karma for an expert answer yet so anyone willing to help is much appreciated!

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I am exactly like you, my name is [name removed], i was the Campaign Manager for my uncle, yes i am a sophomore. My uncle decided to run for state senate, his name is Mujtaba Mohammed. I am In NC. Yes we won TWICE. Now i did not just get this bc i was his nephew, sure it probably played a role in this, anyway, i interned for the State Democratic party, However you should try to start with small campaigns, so that u have a better chance of having a leadership role. Colleges will like the fact that you have a leadership position instead of just another random volunteer, im not saying its bad, of course it is good, but u have a higher chance getting a good political job if u start small. Also in politics u MUST be good at public speaking. I have been doing politics since i was 11, public speaking is an art, i spoken to many voters over the years. Thats why i am so much better and confident at public speaking, also to answer ur question i highly recommend u intern with a state party, and start a teen democrats organization at ur school. and u said u are shy, well if u need to do politics u must get over that, and focus and learn to speak really good, take some virtual classes.

State Party intern, State Senate intern, Speech and Debate President, MSA President, Teen Dems President, Chess Club Treasurer, Model UN President, Intern w/ District Attorney office, Took ARENA academy a training for campaign managers ,Harvard and Georgetown University Online Free Classes ,Photography Club Member

^ All Stuff i have done, just a suggestion

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