3 years ago
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Which is the better college for film production?

I know I’ve posted about this before, but I’m currently deciding between UCLA, Loyola Marymount, and Chapman University for the film production programs. Which college would you recommend and why? I know that Loyola and Chapman are pretty similar, but I’m not sure.


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3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question! So TLDR; I won't directly state my ultimate answer on a specific school because your choice on which college to attend will ultimately be personal to your preferences. BUT, I will provide some amazing guidance points that I think you should consider before applying and choosing a school to settle with.

A couple things that I would personally consider before going to any school are: tuition costs + cost of attendance, geography, job prospects post-graduation, and the alumni network of these schools.

Tuition is the price tag you will pay to take classes and the school and cost of attendance is how much you will pay for room and board. Much of the time, total cost of attendance will sky rocket in urban areas, so in this case, watch out for UCLA and Loyola Marymount (being so close to LA).

Geography-wise these all seem relatively close to one another, but you may want to consider commute time (if needed), getting to internships, bus/shuttles offered by the school and other interesting perks of the schools like stadiums, parks, and green spaces that can make your life as a student and filmer a lot easier and enjoyable.

The next two points are very important. Your goal is likely to get into industry and win a bunch of film fare competitions while in undergrad. So consider the success rates of your schools and the contacts that your school has to offer. Ask yourself: How easy will it be for me to get an internship? Who/what organizations does my school know? What resources for filming does my school offer? What is their budget size for film production majors? What competitions can I compete in via my school? etc.

These are all important to informing your decision. Many of these important answers can be found on our blog page (by typing "Best schools for film production", "Film production", etc.). You should also check out the school list tool if you haven't already to discover some schools that have top film production programs and compare them to your list (School list --> College rankings). Also join the community page for UCLA that we have running if you want to learn about campus culture/environment.

Hope this helps! And best of luck:)

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