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Will Colleges Calculate Weighted GPAs On An A+ Scale?

My school does not give out grades as an A+, meaning an A (90-100%) is the highest grade you can get. I currently have about a 98% in each class, but some of them I believe could technically be A+ if my school were to make that a grading option.

My problem is that, when I enter in an A as my school SAYS my grades are, my weighted GPA is lower on a weighted GPA calculator compared to entering an A+. Will colleges consider some of my grades A+ if they are a high enough percentage according to the internet (which is 97-100%)? If so, should I just enter in my grades as A+ in a weighted GPA calculator?

Thank you!


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6 months ago

Enter your grades the way your school gives them out. There is a section on the common app called the School Report, and that will provide context to your grades. Your counselor fills out the school report, and a lot of it is comparing your course load and GPA to other students at your school. Colleges will consider this context, so you won't be at a disadvantage because of a small difference in GPA.

Here's the link to the school report if you want to look: https://commonapp.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#d0000000eEna/a/0V000001Avzq/PBXzR0UOtu4hSdgTXHDH9Sk6bTeQ6w8l2NQblq_KoZ0

Hope this helps, good luck!

6 months ago

I agree with @jw26 because he preaches the beauty of the school report which will give an individualized picture of your high school to the admissions officer. Just be sure that you try to maintain great grades (which it seems you have) and continue taking the most demanding courses available to you, in order to truly impress admissions officers.

Best of luck!

6 months ago

A+ is not given any extra weight. The highest GPA tier in USA is equivalent to an A (93-100). As a general rule, A+ are the same as A in almost all situations.

Hope this helps!


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