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What can I do this summer and senior year to impress colleges more?

My extracurriculars are not that strong, and getting involved during COVID-19 is pretty difficult. I plan on working this summer, volunteering, and pursuing some hobbies. I'm not sure where to start, and I'd like to try some online opportunities.

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@lemonspice6 months ago

I'm sure colleges will understand. You can even follow up and ask if your not sure, that's what I did in my senior year of high school:) Good luck!

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6 months ago

I think it's great that you're spending time on this, but I believe you have to change your question slightly; how can I exercise my passion this summer?

As much as colleges want you to do extracurriculars, they also want you to follow your passion. So if for example, computer science is your passion, learn some coding! Sure, it doesn't qualify as an 'extracurricular' but this WILL help you, as you'd be developing yourself as a person; colleges like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, etc., all of them want a wholistic well-rounded person.

I'm not saying "Don't do extra-curricular" at all, but most of what you spend your time on should be in an area that interests you.

So here what you can do :

Find your hobby/passion.

Research what you can do with it and how you can develop it.

If there is a club for it, go join!

If not, use the power of the internet.

Most of all, stop trying to impress a college and start trying you develop yourself.

Hope that helps! :)



6 months ago

your theme/spark? major? do things that closely relate to your academic interests! hopefully, u can link ur ECs and major together! individual research? volunteering is a great option, maybe add leadership in it? an online course like coursera?


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