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Can I develop a spike in my Junior year?

I'm first-gen and low-income, so my mom pushed me to try to get into a "traditional" career so I could have a middle-class life. So she pushed me towards STEM, and wanted me to be a doctor. Pleasant to say, no. I want to develop a spike in the humanities, with a focus on writing/ Journalism and subsets in History, Music, and Theatre. My school is also making it to where students can re-do this year next year. So since I'm a Junior this year, I can be a Junior next year.

Current ECs:

-Reynolds Young Writers Workshop

-Writing for "100 Days in Appalachia"

-Journalism Fellowship

-National History Day(1 year, Made it to State but COVID happened)

Hopeful ECs (The way I view it is that if I cast the net wide, I may get some fish. My problem is my low GPA.)

-Great Jewish Books Program (applied, waiting for a decision)

-National History Day (again)

-Local/ School Theatre

-School Band

-School Choir

-Community Service Project (long idea, too big to explain)

-Young Arts

-Lipscomb ENGAGE Program (applied, waiting for a decision.)

-National History Academy

-Questbridge Prep Scholars

-Scholastic Art and Writers Awards

-Looking for Playwriting Competitions


-Some more pre-college programs for schools I'm interested in (such as Barnard Pre-College, Tufts Pre-College, etc.)

-Iowa Young Writers Studio

-Boston University Journalism Institute/ Princeton University Journalism Institute

-Sewanee Young Writers Conference

-TASP (Since I'll be a Junior next year)

-Hoping to start a Newspaper and Book Club Next Year (since all my school has is frickin' Sci Oly and Academic Team)

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tbh i feel like your academic interests are SO broad haha! maybe narrow it down more? but still, your ECs are pretty diverse and impressive.


8 months ago

Looking at your extracurriculars, I do see a spike in humanities. Make sure to hold leadership positions too.


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You may not know me, but my advice as a friend is that you should follow what your heart tells you to do. Don't stress yourself and aim towards your goal. As I am, my goal is to become a medical doctor,it may be hard but I am taking life easy, not stressing myself. I see you are aiming towards writing and journalism, but what i want you to do is to believe in God that he will make you to become the best journalist in the world . May God help you.


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