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hello i am in the 11th grade and i am looking for awnsers of how i can prepare for college

i want to go to yale university the most coolest school to me i really want to go threre it would be a dream come true but in still wondering how i can prepare for it and how i can get acepted the main reasons would be to do my best and to practice my culinary art skills i hope there is a way i can get into yale . sincerely, adeja parson

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Here are some links to very good content about how to get into Yale. As you know this year was the most competitive year ever for admissions. Yale accepted 4.62% percent of its applicants which is the first time in history it fell below 5%.




I don't know your reasons for wanting to attend Yale. Give your passion for culinary arts I would suggest looking into other schools as well like The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY which is about 90 miles from NYC. There are no culinary majors or concentrations at Yale.


8 months ago

1st research what Yale has to offer that aligns with your major. you have to really get familiar with the school so in your essays, you can passionately write about them. College admissions are not only based on your grades but also on your essays. Hope this helps!


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