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What should I expect from a call with a college that waitlisted me?


I am a high school senior. I was waitlisted at my top choice so I emailed the admissions team expressing my continued interest and they offered to set up a video call. What will this call be like? Will they be interviewing me? Or is it more of a time for me to ask them questions about the school? Are they looking for specific things about me from this call?


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I had my call with the college so I'll just answer my own question, hopefully it will be of help for others. The call was one-on-one with an admissions rep. I was given the opportunity to ask any questions that I had about the school. They did not interview me. It was very helpful being able to verbally speak with someone rather than just through email. I highly recommend reaching out to a school that has waitlisted you. In my case, showing continued interest helped my chances of being accepted as I am now on the Interest list.