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How do colleges know what extra-curriculars you did?

Do you have to tell them, or is it something that is on your transcript?


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6 months ago

For all college applications whether you use the Common App, the Coalition App, or their own App, or apply through college vis a vis Questbridge, there is a detailed section of the application where you are required to upload a list of your extracurriculars and a description of them. Once you submit your application, their admissions office will evaluate them also verify them. Therefore is very dangerous to lie about your ECs and lie about your level of leadership and responsibility for your EC's. If you state you are a team captain of a varsity team, the editor of the newspaper, and the Chairperson of the DEI committee for the School Board, you better back it up. It's extremely easy for anyone to google/bing/search engine your name and figure out whether your listed ECs align with how you represented yourself. If you say you have 1 million Instagram followers and 500000 Youtube subscribers, and in reality, it's 10,000 and 5,000, that may be enough for your application to hit the trash bin because you lied on your college application.

Your application has potentially thousands of data points so if you are 100% or 99.99% accurate, that will serve you well. But if you take liberties and embellish your application with misleading information, you might get away with it but remember between now and the time you graduate and beyond, they have a right to audit your application and rescind your admission and even take back your degree as in the Harvard student who scammed the financial aid office for various grants, and scholarships while he was a student at Harvard.


Remember if you have social media presence and have Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, TikTok, Twitter, etc accounts, you better make sure you are not posting anything that is not consistent with your narrative on your college application. There are many cases where students said derogatory or make racist comments on Insta pages of the colleges they were admitted to and before matriculating the colleges told them not to show up because their comments were contradictory to the values of the school they were admitted to. Harvard pulled 10 incoming Freshman applications in 2017 for just this very thing.


Good luck and keep it clean, consistent and accurate.

6 months ago

When you're applying to college, there is an "Activities" section of the application, where you can include information about your extracurricular activities. You can record up to 10 on the CommonApp. You can also include some information about awards from your extracurricular activities in the "Awards and Honors" section. Some colleges allow you to upload a resume as part of your application, which can also include that information but don't submit a resume if it's just repeating what's already on the CommonApp. You can also write about your extracurricular activities in your main CommonApp essay or supplemental essays.

6 months ago

They really don't unless you either write about it in your essays or you include it with your resume/college application. Also, your extracurriculars have to be something meaningful for colleges to really care about because if it's a club that doesn't teach you anything, like NSHHS, colleges don't care if you paid a fee to be part of it because it has no meaning really.


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