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Is it possible to do AP and IB at the same time?

Is it possible to do AP and IB at the same time? If so how would I do that? ( I have a 8 period schedule ) What are the pros and cons?


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6 months ago

If you aren't doing the full IB program, yes, most high schools allow you to take both AP and IB classes, if they're both available. You just pick which AP classes and which IB classes you want to take. You should email your high school counselor to find out more information about how to do it at your school.

A pro would be that you can take classes more tailored to your learning style, like if you do better in history with open-ended questions but better in math with multiple-choice questions, you could take an IB history class and an AP math class. Some cons would be that IB courses are 2-year courses and AP are just one year, so you have to make sure you really like the IB classes you pick, and also some colleges don't give college credit for IB exam scores unless you do the full IB program and take a certain number of IB exams, or some colleges only give credit for HL exams and not SL exams.


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