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Is there any AP Classes in Toronto (or Ontario), Canada?

I'm currently attending a public high school in Toronto, Canada and my school offers zero AP classes (or Honors). This is really frustrating because my dream school is Stanford University and as we all know it is one of if not the most selective school in the world. I took 5 Honors and 1 AP with John Hopkin's CTY Programs, and I have 2 AP's coming up this summer. However my family's economics status kind of got struck by the corona so we can't afford taking these classes at USD1600+ per course anymore. Are there any low-cost and trustworthy academies/centres that offer AP / Honors classes that you recommend? I'm currently in 9th grade and I plan to take about 8 more AP classes and 10 more Honors.

Also, are there any tips on how I can balance my regular school courses along with these Honors, AP, and extracurriculars (violin, volleyball, volunteering, etc.)?

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6 months ago

Edx.org has several AP classes that you can take for free or at a very low cost. These courses are usually taught by professors from top universities. Khan Academy also offers supplemental videos and resources to prepare you for AP exams. If you are interested in self-studying for the AP exams, I would recommend visiting their website, since they offer free resources.


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