6 months ago
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Admissions to WVU MLS Program

Hi guys,

Could you give me some tips to applying to the West Virginia University Masters in Legal Studies Program as I would like to become a lawyer! Thanks:)

To give you more info about myself, i'm a rising sophmore in college and so far doing very well GPA wise and curricular activity wise. I don't think i'll be one of the best students at my college though, but if I was, then, I'd probably reach farther like UPenn, Yale, Harvard or UCLA.

PS. My GPA is currently a 3.65 FYI.


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6 months ago

CollegeVine is for High School kids trying to get into an undergraduate college, not graduate or professional programs like MBAs, Law School or MDs or PhDs. I would recommend searching online for blogs that focus on helping college students get into law school.

I'm not sure you understand the process of becoming a lawyer in America but you have to attend an accredited Law School and get a 3-year law degree called a J.D. Juris Doctorate. So in my opinion, I don't think you can get an MLS Masters in Legal Studies and qualify to take the Bar Exam.

There are plenty of resources available to help you study for the LSATs which is the qualifying exam to get into Law School so I would start there.

Since most members on here are high school kids from 9-12th grade, they are primarily focused on getting into a good undergraduate college for the first time.

Good Luck.


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