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How accurate is the admissions chance calculator on this platform?

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The calculator on this website turned my matches and even some of my reaches into safeties, at least based on their metrics. Now I’m not stupid and I know an algorithm isn’t the voice of God telling me I’ll get into a certain college, but like… what? How accurate is the chance calculator based on your anecdotal experiences? All responses greatly appreciated!!

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My friend used this same chancing calculator for the 7 colleges he applied to (in fact, that's why I use this service):

He applied to Yale, Stanford, UCLA, UCSB, UC Davis, UCB, and SJSU

This is the chancing calculator vs actual decision:

Yale -> Long Reach -> Waitlisted

Stanford -> Long Reach -> Rejected

UCLA -> Hard Target -> Waitlisted

UCSB -> Hard Target -> Accepted

UC Davis -> Target -> Accepted

UC Berkeley -> Reach -> Accepted

SJSU -> Safety -> Accepted

So, in general, it seemed to be generally accurate, but keep in mind, surprises do happen.

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Im not an expert but things to consider is yes its an algorithm and it applies to the university not your college of engineering as typically engineering is harder to get into. But colleges factor in non tangibles such as essays and recommendation letters. I know in my personal experience that Wisconsin-Madison is an elite school up there with UT Austin but i have a 3.8 gpa and a 60ish% chance.

(Though UT Austin is a 10%)

Id recommend to use it to guesstimate feasibility like if you have a 90% for harvard yeh no way but it shows atleast from college vine applicants you have a really strong profile.

i found collegewvine website is extremely difficult to use and navigate. Information are hard to find and inaccurate most of the time.
I find it very easy it’s just a large website