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Can the school you attend impact college admissions?

There are some browsers that give your school an average rating between A+ to D- or 1 - 10 stars

do the colleges you enter your admission through look at these ratings?

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2 years ago

Colleges will definitely like seeing if you went to a rigorous high school and did very well, however, going to "bad rating" high school doesn't immediately throw away all your chances of going to an Ivy League, or any college for that matter. Take advantage of all that your school has. Take AP classes, concurrent, join clubs, etc. Maintain a high GPA and do well on your ACT/SAT. If you can show that you are a good student, it doesn't matter what high school you attend. Display responsibility and good academics. Colleges also look at more than academics. Do service, sports, or get a job/internship. Extracurriculars look very nice on college applications. If you are a good student, it doesn't matter that you went to an A+ school vs. a D- school. I hope this helps!

2 years ago

They do look to see if you took rigorous classes but if your school offeres only 5 ap classes and you took all 5 thats good. In regards to class ranking however they are more lenient as they see you placed for example 50/200 but you have a 3.75 gpa


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