3 years ago
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what are some examples of extra curriculars for people who are interested in attending business school

what are some examples of extra curriculars for people who are interested in attending business school in the future?(Including me....)

I also like baseball & Business at the same time, so I am working on doing blog posts about baseball statistics which could benefit the business side of this sport by helping teams make the most reasonable decisions for themselves. Does this sound like a good "extracurricular"?

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3 years ago

Here are some : ( I don't know how much of this is offered in your school, but I just listed all of them :) )


Entrepreneurship Club

Business Professionals of America

Economics Club

Stock Market Club

Future Investors Club

Investment Club

School Store

Young Entrepreneurs Club

Wall Street Club

Women in Business

Also keep in mind :

I think it's great that you're spending time on this, but I believe you might want to change your question slightly; how can I exercise my passion this summer?

As much as colleges want you to do extracurriculars, they also want you to follow your passion. So if for example, computer science is your passion, learn some coding! Sure, it doesn't qualify as an 'extracurricular' but this WILL help you, as you'd be developing yourself as a person; colleges like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, etc., all of them want a wholistic well-rounded person.

I'm not saying "Don't do extra-curricular" at all, but most of what you spend your time on should be in an area that interests you.

So here what you can do :

Find your hobby/passion.

Research what you can do with it and how you can develop it.

If there is a club for it, go join!

If not, use the power of the internet.

Most of all, stop trying to impress a college and start trying you develop yourself.

Hope that helps! :)



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