3 years ago
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any sat test tips?

not prep tips. any tips on the test day?

good luck to fellow may test-takers, yall, we got this!!


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3 years ago[edited]

Don't do any studying the day/night before, just get enough sleep and wake up well-rested. Make sure you arrive early and definitely eat breakfast before your test. Bring some snacks and water to the testing center, and don't forget your ID, multiple no. 2 pencils (I brought 5 because they easily run out of pencil led and erasers and I switched whenever I didn't like using that pencil anymore), your printed registration sheet, an eraser, a calculator (with brand new batteries), a very comfortable mask, and a little bag for all that stuff. Don't drink too much water before you test, and make sure your breakfast is big enough and healthy enough to get you through noon.

Review last-minute SAT tips, like guessing the same letter answer for each section if you're unsure (ex. answer all B for unknown math questions, all C for unknown reading questions, whatever letter you feel like picking). To save time, you can answer all the questions on each page in the test booklet, and then transfer the page worth of answers to the answer sheet (only do this if you know you'll have enough time, but it can speed up the overall process). If you don't know an answer, don't spend more than a minute on the problem, skip it and put a mark on the test booklet to go back to it later. Sometimes you'll realize the answer while answering another question later on. Look online for simple lists of SAT grammar tips before the test. Good luck!

3 years ago

i know the college board says to take a calculator you're familiar with so there is one.

Bring some snacks as it's a long test. I would recommend a granola bar and water.

This one may be stupid but dress cute? I know I feel better when I look nice, also that can help with feeling anxious around a lot of people.

Eat a healthy filling breakfast, sleep well the night before.

I feel like these are pretty basic but it's all I got. Good luck everyone!

3 years ago

Khan academy's SAT practice is really helpful.Its approved by the college board too! You should check it out. :)

Hope that helps, and have a good one!

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