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How can I improve my extracurrculars for college?

Hi, I go to a public school and I am looking for how to improve my application for colleges. For reference, I would love to go to a school such as Columbia or Georgetown. I am also looking to major in political science and I am a sophomore.

So far, I have

Member of Colorguard and Winterguard (in-band)

Member of French club (hoping to become president senior)

Theater (student director of the musical, actor in the play, show choir)

Founder and president of young Dems club

Secretary of speech and debate

3 honor societies (hoping to get the president of one)

Next year, I want to do student gov, job and get more involved in volunteering and organizations.

Anything involving politics you can think of will be appreciated.


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6 months ago

Def get involved with polls in your community! Any upcoming elections, volunteer to count votes or work the polls, etc.

6 months ago

Hi, what you have so far is great! When colleges look at extracurriculars, they want to see you are doing something that you are passionate about and enjoy. All of these are great but make sure you are doing something that you are really interested in. My recommendation is to try to go into virtual volunteering or internships. There are many different platforms and websites where you can opportunities that fits what you are looking for. With virtual volunteering, I recommend using the website VolunteerMatch. For internships, I recommend using internships.com. It is really hard to find volunteering or internships involving politics in your sophomore year but hopefully you can find something you like! I really hope this helps! :)


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