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College Vine Chancing Engine now updated with Test-Optional

If you have a chancing profile with a college list, I wanted to share that CV's chancing engine has been updated to account for submitting vs. not submitting a test score. This Winter, you may have observed that there was no noticeable difference in the percentile range between submitting or not. Now that all the '20/'21 admit rates have been tallied and some schools have published their submitted vs. non-submitted test score percentiles, (some schools have even provided the % of non-submitted applicants versus how many admits non-submitted), we can see that there was a clear advantage to submitting your ACT/SAT test score if it was a good one. Therefore, don't be surprised if you see a significant difference in your chancing engine results. In my case, all my targets/hard targets became a reach if I hadn't submitted a test score. The key takeaway is that test-optional policies still heavily favor those who submit high test scores regardless of the PR (press releases) stating the contrary and reassuring HS applicants that a holistic review will favor their admittance regardless of submitting or not submitting test scores.

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College / % Admits who Submitted Test Scores / % Admits w/o Test Scores

University of Pennsylvania 76% / 24%

University of Notre Dame 69% / 31%

Vanderbilt University 61% / 39%

Boston College 61% / 39%

MIT 93% / 7%

Boston University 58% / 42%

Wellesley College 50% / 50%

Georgetown University 90% / 10%

University of Virginia 72% / 28%

Wesleyan University 59% / 41%

Duke University 56% / 44%

Emory University 69% / 31%

Middlebury College 50% / 50%

Rice University 80% / 20%

Washington University 59% / 41%

COMMON APP AVG 2021 46% / 54%

COMMON APP AVG 2020 77% / 23%

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You have an estimated 93% chance to get into MIT?!?!?! 😳

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Incorrect, if you read the heading 93% of MIT admits submitted test scores. And 7% of admits did not submit test scores. Therefore, if you applied to MIT this cycle, you had an exponentially better chance of getting admitted with test scores even though MIT was test-optional and test blind for SAT Subject Tests. This supports my thesis if you read the first paragraph.

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Since UC schools are test-blind, they and other test-blind colleges would be the exception to this rule. Just keep in mind that it won't be long before the UC system will implement their own version of the SAT/ACT test since they have historically always favored standardized testing. One tidbit that most people on here do not know, is that the UC system persuaded CollegeBoard to come up with the optional 3rd section which was the Essay like 16 years ago in 2005. At that time, they were admitting too many students who had high test scores but couldn't write 2 sentences or a cohesive paragraph and many of their admits were performing poorly in Freshman English and other humanities courses. So CollegeBoard obliged and created the ESSAY just for the UC schools. And made this 3rd part available to all college-bound HS students.

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Oh lol, I thought you were a student sharing your profile and your personal chances for the schools. Now I see that they all add up to 100% :P


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