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How to improve SAT score by a good amount

I’m a high school junior and I’m planning to take the SAT one or two more times. I really want to improve my SAT score by at least 60 points but 100 points would be so good. I do the prep on Kahn academy a little, but is there anything you did that really took your score up? Is it even possible for me to improve by that much within the next year?

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9 months ago

I agree with the comments above. It's definitely possible for you to increase your score within the year! I would recommend the Princeton review SAT premium/elite prep books, they prep you to get a higher score. They tend to work you harder in those prep books, so when you get to the actual test you won't struggle as much. You could also try Kaplan or Barron's prep books. Otherwise, you could also try taking SAT tutoring (expensive!!) through Princeton Review, Kaplan, or other private SAT tutoring. Although Khan Academy is a very good resource, the prep books and courses might hold you more accountable with studying. You can also borrow these books from a library, but you won't be able to annotate these or write your notes.

I haven't taken the SAT yet since I'm a sophomore, but I have taken the ACT. These sorts of books were incredibly helpful for increasing my pre-act score to my 1st ACT score. You don't really need to take the courses, they're more about fine-tuning your problem spots. I would also come up with a schedule to study and prep. Try to practice just a little bit, even if it's for 10-15 minutes while you're eating a meal or something like that. Also, maybe find a study buddy to work with. That way, you can motivate each other to prep. Or if you don't have a study buddy, make a point/reward system for yourself. ex: work 30 minutes a day, earn 5 points, work 15 minutes a day, earn 2 points, after you accumulate say 50 points, you can watch TV, or eat ice cream, or something like that. Set rewards for yourself that will motivate you to work. Whatever you do, procrastination will NOT work on SAT/ACT testing. Any last-minute effort to memorize rules will just stress you out more and you will end up doing worse on the test.

As for the actual exam, take as many practice tests as you possibly can! Find some online or in textbooks that you can borrow from the library. I would also try memorizing all formulas or rules for the SAT.

I hope this was helpful. :) Best of luck on your SAT exams!!

9 months ago

Improving by 60-100 points is definitely possible. The best way to do this is to become as familiar as possible with the type of questions the test will ask. Taking practice tests and doing the Khan Academy personalized sat practice helped me a lot. If you take a practice test, record all the questions you got wrong and then (for math) write down the correct way to solve them or (for reading/writing) annotate the passage for the information that leads you to the correct answer.

For studying for the grammar questions, I improved the most by memorizing the sat specific grammar rules (look them up, there are probably 15 or so rules they usually test on) because there's always one correct grammar answer and the rest are wrong. Lots of youtube and even TikTok accounts post daily practice problems where they walk you through the quickest way to solve the problem. For the reading/writing portion, you can also do practice AP literature and AP language multiple choice questions, since both ap and sat are part of CollegeBoard and are similar enough that practicing one type is beneficial for improving on the other. Good luck!

9 months ago[edited]

If you want to improve your math and would consider buying a book, I highly recommend the "SAT Math Advanced Guide and Workbook" by The College Panda linked below.

I increased 140 points between two math practice tests by using Khan Academy for practice questions and this book for lessons, practice questions, and learning tricks. What's nice about the book is that each chapter is a topic like percents, quadratics, etc so you can hone in on what you need to work on. I highly recommend reading as many sections as you can though because I learned so many tricks and methods I never knew that make problems easier (and that Khan Academy will never teach you).

Something else that helped and motivated me a ton was tracking my study time. I use an app called Toggl Track that's easy and works great to log times and what subjects you studied.

Hope everything helps! Fellow junior too-we're in this together!

Link for the book: amazon.com/College-Pandas-SAT-Math-Advanced-dp-1733192727/dp/1733192727/ref=dpobtitlebk


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