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Good evening,

I am a high school senior who has taken a full load of AP/IB/Honours/Community College Courses and earned C or better. BUT I received a NP in a community college course that I had taken out of PERSONAL interest and whose outcome does not at all impact my UC eligibility other than the fact that it was a NP. I am retaking it and transcripts are due July 1st and should have all of my courses UC eligible by then HOWEVER I made the NP clear to the admissions of the UC that I had gotten into. Despite this, I am now admitted into a prestigious program that I do not want to lose and I have reported this NP once again. I am extremely worried about what the outcome of even reporting the NP will be despite the circumstances that I had indicated for them. If anyone has any certain facts on this matter regarding grade validation (My transcript includes AP/IB courses that could validate this course but I don't even know if UC does this) or any personal experience similar to this please share. Thanks!


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3 years ago

Hi there -- thank you for bringing this up. I know this is a difficult and stressful situation, so I'm grateful you were willing to share and give voice to a concern that I'm sure is on a lot of students' minds. The tl;dr is that this likely won't turn into a real problem for you since it's a community college course in a non-core subject, you are retaking it, and you have been proactive about keeping schools in the loop about the situation.

Rescinded applications are a mechanism designed to keep students accountable for their work and behavior after admission (basically to stop students from letting their work go or breaking the law because they have an assured future). Since it seems this is the only place where your performance has dipped and you are actively working to correct it, there should be no concerns about your work ethic or abilities. Further, if you had notified them in the past and been accepted anyway/received no adverse action on your application, there is little incentive for a school to reverse that now, especially while you are working to rectify the situation.

The best course of action here is to continue to make sure you are performing well in the retake of the course and to keep your program updated with your progress. This will reinforce that you are proactive, hardworking, and eager to attend their program.

Congratulations on being accepted to the program in the first place; I'm sure you will thrive there in the fall. Wishing you the best of luck!

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