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How Much Does Your SAT Score Increase Each Year?

While your score can definitely increase by studying, does anyone know the average increase in points of your SAT score each year by just learning in your high school classes? For example, if a Freshman were to take a SAT practice test and score a 1200, how would this increase by the time they are a senior without direct SAT prep? Does anyone have any personal experiences? Thank you!


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7 months ago

Hi! Personally, it really depends on how much you learn in high school. For example, I took a SAT Practice test a long time ago and scored a 1030 and then I took another without a lot of preparation much later and got a 1440. Really, I believe that the score increased because of the rigorous work of my English/Math classes, which covered a vast majority of the SAT curriculum. However, this isn't always the case and a lot of it depends on how good of a test taker you are. I definitely think that you should use resources like Khan Academy's free SAT Prep (certified by the College Board) and definitely look into the ACT to see if you like that better if your still in your earlier years of high school.

7 months ago

To be honest, the SAT is very different from your school studies. It requires a lot of skills specific to standardized tests and finding shortcuts. Because its a standardized test given to millions, there will always be one absolute right answer, with no room for individual interpretation. Which is kind of against what schools try to teach you.

Personally, I only saw exponential increase in my score after studying the SAT, even though the SAT Math and English is usually at a much lower level than my high school courses.

Freshman year, first time I took it without any prior studying I got a 1310. After months of studying just SAT over my junior year summer I finished with a 1560. But keep in mind, this was with a lot of direct SAT prep separate from my school studies.


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