6 months ago
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Is it possible to get into a school like UNC Chapel Hill with grades dropping the way mine are?

Since I am still taking the calculus class and other classes currently, I am worried about my grades and GPA. I will admit it's been troubling to motivate myself to actually learn -- I have two Bs and one C for my AP classes and then I have an A in my honors. The C is my Calculus class, I've dropped a lot since corona; I used to be a straight-A student. Though the chancing profile says I can have Chapel as my target school, I feel it's a bit iffy as my grades are dropping. In the summer, I hope to bring it up though by taking community college classes.

@lij12076 months ago

Whats your GPA so far

@bingsu.286 months ago

Are you an in-state student or out-state. UNC and most state schools will be more lenient if you're an NC resident.

@TheJesster6 months ago

Yeah, I would stay UNC might be too high if you are out of state. But state schools try to attract in state students a lot more, so they will be more understanding. Hopefully everything goes well:)

[🎤 AUTHOR]@kaylanguyen046 months ago

My GPA weighted is 4.245 I believe. I'm also an in-state student.

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6 months ago

What’s your gpa?


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