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The minimum act score for the school I'm aiming for is 22 in math and reading, and 19 in English. I'm unsure of getting 22 in the math subscore act I just took. If I score a lil under the 22 math score, plus with my essay, letters of recommendations, dual-class, and extracurriculars. Is there a chance of me getting in?

I've seen stats of other people getting in with sat and act scores a little low than what they asked. Probably because of other things they have on their applications.

-Thank you for reading!


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8 months ago

There is definitely a chance of you getting in! If you think your math score won't be as good, compensate by doing better on other sections of the ACT. Try not to go for just the minimum score, the higher you score, the more chance you have of getting in. Don't just aim for a 22 or the minimum score. My rule is: aim for a 28, and you will get a 24. Aim for a 36, you will get a 30 or 32. Aiming for a higher score will allow you to practice more and more, as a result, you will have more confidence in yourself on these tests.

Your GPA will also play a role in admissions. If your school has a 3.7 GPA recommendation, and you have a 3.6, you should compensate with higher test scores. To colleges, you are just another applicant, you need to show them why they should admit you. Keep in mind, just because some people have lower scores doesn't mean everyone is like that. The people you asked definitely had other things on their application that compensated for their scores. Also, try using the collegevine chancing calculator. I suggest plugging in different test scores in the update profile section, and understanding which score would increase your chance. Try putting in a 19, or 29 as your ACT score and see what are your chances of getting into that college.

I hope this helped, good luck with your admissions process!!


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