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What are the best degrees to get a bachelor's in if I want to become a PA?

I am a sophomore in highschool with a gpa between just under 3.8. I am fairly good at math and science and I am in a sports medicine class and am very good at that. Is there a degree that would suit me best that would also be good to be a PA?

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@DavidTej2 years ago

whats a PA?

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2 years ago

I think a sports medicine class is great and can help let you know if that is something you want to pursue in life. You are at an advantage because you are good at math and science, those are very important if you want to become a PA. Although there aren't specific subjects you need to study, you would be at an advantage studying a type of science. Such majors include anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, statistics, chemistry, biology. If you can take any of these classes at your high school or have an option to do a CE (concurrent enrollment) class at a college near you, I would highly recommend getting enrolled in one to see if you enjoy those classes. Hope this helps!


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