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I struggled with my mental health throughout high school and at one point, I was just putting out work. As long as it wasn't a F, I was okay so my my GPA isn't the best unfortunately. In 11th grade, I stopped school completely I literally could not continue. I am now doing great and I'm in Adult School (I'm 18) getting my diploma and I know finding a college that will accept me is going to be difficult and I want to major in music (the one thing that I love and excel) any advice you guys can give me?

Thank you & rock on🤘🏽

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3 years ago

From what you’ve said, it sounds like you have gone through a lot and the journey you took and how you stayed focused on your passions could definitely make your application strong. My tip is to use this website for feedback on your essays because your story is very inspirational and it shows how you persevered. There are also helpful videos on YouTube etc that walk you through how to write good college essays.

Many schools have “holistic” admissions meaning they look at more than one category of your application. In other words, a low GPA might not automatically get you Rejected because they look at your essay.

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