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What are some good business schools to apply for a above average student

My gpa is around 3.89 weighted. 3.7 unweighted

Sat score - 1350

Good extracurriculars such as Varsity tennis, founder of a club, Deca, Investors club ,Hosa, Tennis coach

What are some business schools within my target?

Btw I live in Texas. So I know UT Austin and Texas Anm are good schools, but anything apart from that out of state?

I am a junior


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6 months ago

I would refer you to a business major portal called Poets and Quants.

They have the most comprehensive lists of best business schools for both undergrad and graduate studies.

Sign up and subscribe because there is a lot of great content on there.


6 months ago[edited]

(Not an admissions officer, so please take this with a grain of salt.)

Here's a list of the top business schools in the United States: https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/business-overall. I would scan through the list to see if you can find some schools that meet your requirements, then compare your GPA and test scores to the average to see if it's a safety, target or reach school.

You can also do this with the overall list of top colleges, but they might not all have business programs. Your GPA or test scores are decent and won't disqualify you from most schools, but comparing yours with the average can help you get a rough idea of how competitive you are for the school.


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