7 months ago
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Recently, I got admitted to the LaunchX Summer Program. Is this program worth the $6000 and will it boost my admission chances in prestigious colleges?

Thank you so much!

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7 months ago

Hi! Although I don't know much about LaunchX myself, I found this post on Reddit which seems to state that the program is not worth the money and that the curriculum can easily be found online for free. Unless you have $6,000 to spare, I'm sure you can find other ways to display your interest in entrepreneurship such as starting a small online business from your very own home. I'm not sure how much it would boost your admission chances, but just so you know, I know plenty of people who got into prestigious colleges without attending summer programs like LaunchX. Again, this is just my opinion but you ultimately have the choice as to whether or not you want to invest $6,000 into this program. I've put the link to the Reddit post down below. Hope this helps!


2 months ago

Pay per summer programs in general are nice activities to do in the summer for students whose families have the means to pay for them. They will not help your chances of getting admitted into a Top-Level College.

Using the funds to take online college classes would be a more productive use of your time, effort, and money.


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