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Most and least competitive Ivies?

Im looking for a more collaborative-based environment in terms of classes, studying, and academics within the Ivy league. Does anyone know (aside from Brown...) the most collaborative and most competitive Ivies? Thanks!


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6 months ago

I honestly don't know about most of the ivies, but I've heard that Penn is extremely competitive while Yale and Dartmouth are extremely collaborative. I would say the other ivies are somewhere in the middle. Also, I don't know if you're looking into MIT, but they make a point of centering everything around collaboration.

a month ago

In order of Most Competitive which to me means the course rigor at the college and whether or not there is inherent grade inflation, I would say the list looks like this. This has nothing to do with how hard or easy it is to get into those colleges.

1. Columbia University because of the core curriculum -grade deflation

2. Princeton - grade deflation

3. U Penn - grade deflation (Wharton is very hard to get top marks)

4. Harvard - Some core class and grade inflation

5. Yale - No Core Curriculum

6. Dartmouth

7. Cornell -

8. Brown No Core Curriculum

Most collaborative -

Brown, Columbia (because everyone has to do the core so they all are helpful)

Most competitive culture

Harvard, UPenn


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