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Medical Summer Internship

I’m a high school junior interested in getting a medical or biology related internship (doesn’t have to be paid). I would love if it were in person, but I know this might be difficult because of Covid. Does anyone know the best people to reach out to for these kinds of internships or have tips for landing internships? Would contacting local college biology professors or medical workers be a good place to start?


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8 months ago

Hi! I would start contacting local professors and medical workers as they will probably have the most opportunities available. I'd also search hospitals or research facilities in your area and search through the researchers to see if there is something you're interested in. For me, I looked for one that I knew would have a project I could do virtually. That ensured that I would get a chance to do research whether I was forced to be remote or not. I'd start right away as it is getting close to summer and the labs will be close to full if not full already.

8 months ago

omg hi! I am a high school junior also looking for a medical/biology related internship!

I have been googling biology/medical internships in my area, another great place I would recommend to look is Indeed.com! I have already found about 3 internships there in the past week, and am waiting for my replies back.

another thing I am going to do is email my general doctor and allergist for intern opportunities! I have a good relationship with both of them, and I think if you are comfortable with your general doctor, that would also be a good place to start!

best of luck to finding internships and in college admissions!


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