8 months ago
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Should I take the PSAT as an international student?

As an international student, I’m not eligible for a National Merit Scholarship. Is there any other reason why I should take the PSAT? What are other ways I can find scholarship opportunities?

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8 months ago

Taking the PSAT can give you a glimpse of what the SAT is like. My school required it for all students and it was for free, but I'm not an international student. It's definitely important to take practice SATs in order to prepare for the SAT but if your primary motive is for a scholarship, then the best way should be to speak with your counselor. Ask them about any local or school scholarship opportunities. You are more likely to win local scholarships due to the smaller pool of applicants. There are also several websites where you can search and apply for scholarships like Unigo, Niche, Cappex, CollegeBoard, and more.

3 months ago

As an Intl student, there is no practical reason to study for and take the PSAT. Focus instead on the SAT or ACT.


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