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Do in-person auditions really boost my chances of getting into a school's music program?


I am a junior in high school who is planning on majoring in music education and the majority of colleges I am applying to are out of state. They offer video audition for those who live far away, but my choir director told me that I should do an on campus audition to better my chances of getting in. Even though I do have a few reaches I would like to get into, I don't know if it would really be worth the money.


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Auditions in general are obviously important, but I don't think the difference between an in-person and video audition is particularly substantial. In-person auditions obviously give you the opportunity to interact with professors and make more of a personal impression on them—which can definitely matter when it comes time for them to read your application—but beyond that a video audition (so long as it's well-filmed, i.e. with a relatively high-quality microphone) should give you the same impact and chance to showcase your potential as an in-person one.