6 months ago
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to what extent will stereotypes affect my admission process

hi yall. this post may seem weird or a bit confusing but I'm a rising senior and an east Asian planning on applying to US colleges majoring in religious study + (middle east) international affairs.

because this is such an "odd" field, will admission officers consider a lot of "unutterable" factors of this realm and be super cautious of my resume/academic interest?

btw i'm planning to apply for top 30 uni and liberal arts colleges like smith, colby, and others.


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6 months ago

I think it depends on where you apply to college. If you apply to BYU which is a Mormon College in Utah, I'm not really sure their priority is admitting International students who want to major in Swana or (Middle Eastern studies). The same would go for schools in Alabama, Arkansas, parts of Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, etc were perhaps the diversity of their admits is lacking say 80+% Caucasian White Americans.

Here's a link to an article that shows and proves there is a high correlation with the best liberal arts colleges and research universities and middle eastern studies so try to get into one of those schools if you can.



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