2 years ago
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Summer interships?

I am a sophomore in Snyder Texas and I was wondering if I any one knew of some medical paid or unpaid program/internships I could apply for also I want a summer internship or program for something medical but my family doesn’t have the money so any free, or scholarships to be apart of the program would be great! Thanks!


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2 years ago

Hey @Rachel099! First I want to say that volunteering at a local hospital or non-profit organization in your area is a great option. Volunteering is easier to get than an internship and community service also shows colleges how committed you are to helping your community, which is a strong quality for any student thinking about going into the medical field. And it doesn't cost money to volunteer! You could also meet a lot of people in the hospital while volunteering that could help you get an internship at the hospital the following summer!

If you really do want to do a program, you could check out something like Tufts online courses: https://universitycollege.tufts.edu/high-school/programs/courses-high-schoolers. They offer financial aid to students who demonstrate need, so you could potentially do the courses online for free. Always look for "financial aid" as well as "scholarships" :)


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