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Do colleges use GPA from counselor report or transcript

My transcript has no GPA but has the mark of every class but my counselor report has my GPA for 11th grade which is high for me so will colleges use that GPA or average my transcript?


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8 months ago[edited]

Your counselor is responsible for corroborating the UWGPA you report on your college application so if you put down a 3.90, the transcript they submit must also say 3.90. They are also responsible for submitting to the colleges directly, your mid-year 12-grade report which is either the 1st trimester or 1st semester depending on how your school's calendar is. Also at the end of your 12th grade, they will also have to submit your final 12th-grade transcripts and final overall transcript.

Since you are concerned about how the GPA is calculated, I would make sure you have the same number before you submit it on your college application.

While many colleges recalculate GPAs like the UC system, and some schools only count 10th and 11th-grade transcripts like Stanford, you have to go through your college list and research how they will decide what information to glean off what your counselor supplies to them. No one here will know what the colleges will use unless you provide a list of colleges you are applying to.

Good luck.


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