3 years ago
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I am so stressed despite being a freshman, I am an African-American student and also a first generation American. This is what I'm worried about: I have a 3.94, Taking and AP History class next year, I play Saxophone and Piano, JV Football player, Skipped a grade, and won 3rd place two times in the New England MathOlympics, but I'm worried that my class rank is too low. How serious do Ivies look at Class ranks? rank and do I have a shot at getting into an Ivy?


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3 years ago

Hi! Wow, you look like the perfect candidate! I don't think class rank will hurt you, as long as you are decently close to the top. You have an amazing GPA, definitely keep that up! I would recommend taking a few more AP/honors classes (if your school offers them), as colleges like to see that you are challenging yourself. Additionally, I would recommend doing meaningful community service work!

Best of luck to you!

3 years ago

Hello! I completely understand being worried even as a freshman (even though you have plenty of time ahead!).

Reading through your question, I believe there is nothing to worry about. You have an amazing GPA and are going to be taking an AP class in your sophomore year, which some students don't even do. Not to mention your extracurriculars/awards, which are incredible, especially for a freshman!

In regards to class rank, no, it will not play a huge part in your application. Sure, it is nice to have, but colleges will look at your application as a whole with your essays, GPA, standardized tests, extracurriculars, etc. The class rank would just kind of be an added bonus. However, I will say that, if you take more AP classes in your high school career, your class rank might be quite good!

If you want to get into an Ivy League, your time worrying about your class rank would be better spent elsewhere! Possibly improve your extracurriculars? Make a class plan for the next four years? Study for the ACT or SAT? There are so many other areas of your application that will need your attention, not your class rank.

In summary:

- Class rank will not hurt you, it is just an added bonus

- Focus on other areas of your application instead

- Take more rigorous classes (which will increase your GPA) and improve your class rank that way if you want to have no worries.

I hope this helped! Let me know if I can do anything else. You got this! :)

3 years ago

considering ur current academic competence and background, u are definitely an ivy candidate and I think if u can keep this good work, ur very likely to get into a lot of amazing schools! pls don't stress urself out tho! high school should never be all about college application, and pls remember at the end of the day, ur long-term goals/health should be the top priorities! good luck!

3 years ago

Based on this alone, you look like the perfect Ivy candidate! You have an excellent GPA even as a freshman, you're involved with a lot of extracurriculars, and have a significant academic reputation! My best advice, keep up the good work and try to enjoy high school! I can't give you chances on whether or not you'll get in, but CollegeVine offers individual chances for each school you plan on applying to. High school is tough enough, don't stress yourself out too much over admissions. On paper, you are an excellent candidate, so experience life with your friends, playing the sports you love, participating in music and school, and being a teenager. Starting high school in a pandemic is hard, so do what you can, and take it one step at a time. You will do great things in time, so take your time. Be young, be smart, and be strong. You'll do good things.

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