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Anyone have advice on starting a science fair project? I’m not sure how to conduct research without a professor or lab.


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7 months ago

Yes, I am currently a Finalist for ISEF(International Science and Engineering Fair). What I did was that I just contacted my old school's teacher(since my current school doesn't do science fair). Just contact your school's science teacher or counselor, and they can register you for the regional science fair, where then you may qualify for higher levels.

Also, you do not need a professor or lab, I mean if your project needs a lab then you should mail the universities or lab within a 4-5 hours radius.

If there are no teachers available, then search for your regional science fair director online, and email him. Or if nothing works, you could go to https://www.societyforscience.org/isef/ and put in your zipcode to find fairs near you, or just email then directly if there is no fair near you to set up one.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you can do science fair, anywhere in the world, but first you need to choose a topic that has great potential(mine is Improving Alzheimer's Disease DIagnosis using Artificial Neural Networks).

P.S. - Also, science fair typically starts in september(early in the school year).

Hope it helps! Please accept if it does help you!


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