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Should I continue orchestra or take physics when applying to an engineering college?

Hello everyone,

I'm deciding if whether it would be a good idea to continue to take orchestra, or to take physics. I believe by taking physics it'll look good to an engineering college (hopefully majoring in CS or Biological Systems Engineering /biotech), and by my senior year I'd be able to take an AP Physics class. Physics also seems really interesting, and I think I won't forgive myself to not be able to take AP physics in my senior year if I do have a legit interest in physics.

But, this would mean I wouldn't be able to continue taking orchestra. I actually originally decided not to take orchestra for another class, but I changed it back after realizing what I did was impractical, and it just felt wrong not to take orchestra. However, I'm worried that I won't be able to move on to the next level of orchestra next year, so I don't want colleges to think I failed it or something, when I really didn't. There's a chance I'll get in the next level, but it's tbd.

I also might just take US Hist over the summer at some point to be able to take physics, but even then, with the current classes I have planned, I wouldn't be able to take AP Physics.

I suppose this question is really just up to me personally and what I'm okay with, but I'm hoping maybe someone could provide some advice on deciding this.

Thanks in advance.


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3 years ago

Hey! I think that’s a tough decision. Definitely if you’re going into engineering school, you NEED to take some physics and some calculus. To put it simply, take AP physics.

As someone who has taken both AP physics 1 and AP physics C I can attest to how important these classes are to change your mindset about the world around ya. And it’ll give you good insight into the basics of engineering. (I also recommend a calculus class or two to make the physics class easier!)

I believe colleges will see that you sacrificed your passion for your education for just a little while, not that you failed orchestra. And you can get right back into it in college. I know colleges have large scale and small scale orchestras that don’t need much (or need a lot) of experience, depending on which you have.

Make sure to enjoy yourself and don’t stress out too much but if you’re going into an engineering school, please take physics

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